The Nano System

X-Coat Nano and Optimizing Support Products

You coat your floor because you want to protect it and beautify your facility. Applying a great finish is only a part of that. The finish must be properly maintained in order to provide you with optimal performance. Our lab work has shown us that using the following products will maximize the life, durability and exceptional gloss of your X-Coat Nano finish. These are high performance products that perform exceptionally on their own. But paired with X-Coat Nano they deliver a system proven to extend your scrub and recoat cycle and produce a durable, mark-free, high gloss floor that showcases the pride you take in maintaining your facility.

X-Coat Nano System Brochure

X-Coat Nano Finish

Patented nano-technology creates high gloss and is highly resistant to soils and BHMR.

X-Coat Nano HS Finish

A high solids formulation for extreme durability, gloss and soil resistance.

Blue Concentrate Cleaner

A high power, no-rinse cleaner: Our sales force’s favorite cleaner!

Neutral Cleaner Plus

Fast-acting, no-rinse neutral cleaner safe for use on any surface.

DFT Restorer

Daily use cleaner and restorer that uses our best surfactant package and replaces damaged polymer in the finish.

Xlerate Stripper

Powerful, fast-acting stripper. No ammonia – ideal for schools and hospitals.

Nano System Family