P.B. Gast & Sons

“I have spent 34 years in the janitor supply business and never have I seen such advancement in floor finish technology as I have with Essential’s X-Coat Nano. I have done multiple demonstrations with this product only to find that it is very easy to work with and delivers exceptional results. There is very low odor in application, excellent leveling capabilities with very good lay-down gloss. I think the most important feature is the ability to lay 4 coats in half the time of an ordinary floor finish. These give this product a competitive advantage over every other floor finish on the market.

In addition to its initial lay-down features, its on-floor performance provides outstanding resistance to soil penetration. As an example, I was recently in a manufacturing facility where the custodian had refinished the floors in the restrooms with X-Coat Nano. Each time he did it in the past, an oily traffic lane would immediately appear from the door to the fixtures. This time, using the X-Coat, it had not appeared – making his job easier. I think we have a winner here!”

Joe Patane, Representative
P.B. Gast & Sons – Grand Rapids, MI

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