Xlerate Stripper Directions

Directions – Xlerate Stripper – 02917FX

Read Before Using:

  1. This is a highly aggressive formula. Read precautions below.
  2. Dilute before using. Do not use on painted surfaces or wooden floors. Use cautiously for stripping linoleum, rubber or asphalt tile as stripper may cause bleaching softening or bleeding.
  3. Wipe up any spills or splashing from baseboards or painted surfaces immediately.


  • For stripping and maintaining asbestos containing tile, follow OSHA or EPA guidelines.
  1. To remove heavy build-up, dilute with cold water as follows: 1:19 to 1:30 part stripper to water.
  2. Apply liberally to floor. Be sure to leave surface VERY wet!
  3. Allow to remain on floor 8 to 10 minutes. Agitate with a mop or brush. Use scraper or doodlebugs to remove heavy finish build-up in corners and edges.
  4. Strip mechanically with swing machine or a propane stripper using appropriate pads.
  5. Pick up solution using a wet vac or auto-scrubber. If any finish remains (around baseboards), reapply stripping solution and agitate as necessary.
  6. Rinse floor thoroughly with Neutral Cleaner Plus or Blue Concentrate for best results. Allow floor to dry.
  7. Apply finish or seal.
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