Rapid Gloss Build

Traditional Gloss Build vs. X-Coat Nano Gloss Build

Eliminating ammonia promotes rapid gloss build. If you have ever stripped a floor, you are familiar with the pungent ammonia odor associated with most strippers. Ammonia is the active ingredient in strippers that actually degrades the finish being stripped so you can remove it more easily. The ammonia present in traditional finishes has the same effect.

As you apply your second or third (or fourth) coat of finish, the ammonia in the wet coat actually penetrates and degrades the fresh coat of finish underneath it. That’s why you often see the floor haze over when you apply subsequent coats.

With X-Coat Nano, the underlying coat is never degraded and the gloss builds uninterrupted. With continuous gloss build, X-Coat Nano delivers a crystal clear, diamond-bright coat every time.

Gloss Build
Gloss Build Chart